How to overhaul your fitness routine

How to overhaul your fitness routine

Is your fitness routine in need of a major renovation? Personal Trainer Andrew Cate offers up his tips to reignite up your training program.

How to overhaul your fitness routine

Transform your training routine

Is your exercise program feeling a little stale and hard to stick to? It’s probably fair to say you’re either not getting results, or not enjoying yourself – or both. Something has to give. It’s time for a change to freshen things up.

Here’s what you need to consider when contemplating changes to your fitness routine:

  • What do I have to stop doing? – What are the worst aspects of your program and what do you dread the most? These have to go
  • What do I have to keep doing? Don’t change what’s still working. Hang on to the parts of your training that you enjoy, or that have always worked for you in the past
  • What do I have start doing? This is the most important factor. What can you modify or add that’s new, different and exciting?

14 ways to fire-up your training routine

1. Duration

If your sessions feel too long, add a little intensity and shorten them up. Alternatively, you might like to go the other way and ramp up your duration with a longer walk, run or cycle on the weekends.

2. Intensity

A key factor in your success, make sure to intersperse some higher intensity workouts throughout the week (even if they are shorter). If you’re at the more advanced end of the fitness spectrum try alternating phases of higher training intensity and effort with lighter workloads – known as periodisation.

3. Time of day

Rotate the time of day that you train, be it morning, noon or night. Aim to include at least a few morning workouts in your schedule each week, as they can boost your energy levels for the entire day.

4. Frequency of training

This is how many days a week, or even how many times a day that you train. Experiment with weeks of less frequency with longer duration, and then more frequency and intensity with less duration. Find what feels right for you.

5. Change it up

There are countless different activities you can take part in to get fit and feel good, such as cycling, weight training, bushwalking, boxing and paddling. Use your weekends to try something completely new on a regular basis.

6. Phone a friend

The motivational boost from sharing your training time is well known. Find a good training partner, and set yourselves some team goals that inspire.

7. Training surface and location

If you’re a runner or walker, try alternating between sand, grass and concrete. You can also adjust the gradient, varying between hills, stairs and flat surfaces. Training at a different location, even if it’s nearby suburb, could also add interest and variety.

8. The fun factor

Playing ball sports such as touch football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and soccer makes exercise more fun. You could also include some outdoor game time with your children, such as Frisbee, tag or kite flying.

9. Challenge yourself

It helps to have something to strive for, be it a fun run, trekking holiday or even a personal best time. Set yourself different short and long-term targets and incentives, and push your boundaries.

10. Use music

Music is the master motivator. Whether you like a gym class with some pumping tunes, or an iPod loaded with uplifting tracks for your next road run, seek out songs that lift you.

11. Join a gym (or break-up with your current one…)

The variety that’s on offer at most gyms could give you a motivational boost. On the other hand, if your current membership is going to waste, try joining a different gym.

12. Tracking & wearables

There’s never been more fitness gadgets on the market, ranging from fitbits and smartphone apps to heart rate monitors and wearable GPS devices. Tracking your progress keeps you accountable, and is a great way to stay motivated.

13. Rest!

Your lack of enthusiasm could be from training too much. Make sure to schedule at least 1-2 rest days into your routine each week, and use them for light walks, massage, stretching sessions and gentle yoga.

14. Ask the experts

Hire the services of a personal trainer, and take your training to a new level. They provide encouragement and motivation, supervision and advice, and different training methods to help accelerate your results.

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