benefits of mct oil

Whether you want to effortlessly lose weight and turn heads on the beach, feel strong and energized for your athletic pursuits, or safeguard your health as you enter your golden years, MCT OIL provide the clean nutrition you need to fuel your life.


The unique vegetable source fatty acids in MCT Oil provides you with cleaner—and more rapidly utilized—energy to fuel your life. This is because it is entirely made up of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are not stored in the body in the same way as traditional fats. Instead of landing in problem areas of your belly, hips, and thighs, MCT Oil does the opposite! It enhances thermogenesis, which revs up your metabolism and promotes fat burning.


  • Promotes weight loss, burns body fat, and preserves lean muscle
  • Suppresses cravings and decreases appetite
  • Increases energy and improves endurance
  • Enhances athletic performance and reduces recovery time
  • Improves absorption of vitamin E, magnesium, calcium, and amino acids
  • Aids in brain cell maintenance, repair, and protection
  • Helps protect against degenerative disease
  • Supports immune system function and cardiovascular health

Our oil contains only pure, plant-based MCTs that have been naturally extracted from coconut and/or palm kernel.

MCT Oil is an odorless, flavorless oil that makes a great addition to any nutritional regimen and is the ideal substitute for conventional oils in salad dressings, sauces, or low-heat cooking as a source of beneficial fatty acids.

Or, add it to your protein smoothies!

MCT Lean MCT Oil goes great with Sharrets Soy Protein . It’s the perfect pair!

Click here to know more about MCT oil


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