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Collagen Peptide supplement for skincare and health

Sharrets Skincare and Beauty Supplement

One of the most well – known benefits of Collagen Peptide is their ability to promote a shiny and vibrant skin.  This essential protein provides elasticity to the skin, helping it look younger and healthier.  But as you get older and collagen production decreases, fine lines, loose skin and dryness may occur.

A study published randomly selected 46 of 69 women, ages 35 to 55, to take a hydrolyzed collagen supplement (Collagen Peptide).  The rest of the group took a placebo.  The women who took the collagen showed an improvement in the elasticity of the skin in four weeks.

It can relieve joint pain

As your cartilage weakens and deteriorates with age, you may begin to feel stiff and sore joints.  It is possible that raising your collagen intake can help reduce joint pain and relieve the symptoms of arthritis.

The importance of collagen

As you can see, Collagen Peptide is very important in the health of our body, but unfortunately its production begins to decrease with the passage of years, and that is why the older we are, the signs of aging are present.

But this does not have to be this way, science has advanced a lot in recent years and it has been proven that, although it is true that our body gradually loses its capacity to produce collagen, it was also revealed that what really happens is that stopped producing collagen peptides.

The Collagen Peptide is the chains of amino acids that make up the collagen, and this gives us a very great hope to reverse all the damages caused by a deficient production of collagen.

Knowing how we are currently with respect to our production of collagen is of vital importance as it allows us to start from a base to take the correct actions, eliminate from our diet Fish Collagen Peptide foods that directly or indirectly affect the production of collagen. There are different ways to get collagen supplement for skin. There are many supplements in the market which contain collagen.

CPH+: Fish collagen peptide for Healthy Lean Body

“Keep Your Body at its best” Collagen Peptide for Flexibility, Increased athletes performance and lean body

fish collagen peptide







If you have joint or knee pain then CPH+(Fish collagen peptide) can be your new ally against it! Its natural and high purity type 1 Fish collagen peptides, its hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C provide strong and healthy skin, connective tissues and joints. Ideal for elderly, obese people, and athletes as well as for middle-ages with an active lifestyle. CPH+ does not contain sugar or cholesterol, which makes it perfect for diabetics and people that have high cholesterol.

If you have more questions about CPH+ consult our FAQ section below.
Is it safe to consume collagen peptides?
Absolutely. Fish Collagen supplements such as CPH+ are pure and bioactive proteins, derived from a 100% natural source and free from any side effects. Please take the product at recommended amounts with your meals and you will see the results in your health soon enough. The advantage of this natural powder is that it reinforces your body’s systems. We advise you to consult your doctor for further information.

When should I begin taking collagen supplements?
Collagen decreases through our lives starting in our 20’s. Signs, such as increase or deepening of wrinkles, decrease in elasticity of the skin and increase or intensification of stretch marks, indicate that collagen production may be slowing.
The typical age people start using CPH+ is around their 30s when the signs of aging skin appear, but many get a head start on the collagen decline by including the supplement in their diet from their 20s. The product is safe for use in all adults. In cases of pregnancy or nursing, make sure to inform your healthcare professional before using the product.


When should I expect to see the results from sharrets fish collagen supplement?
Results may vary from individual to individual based on their age and diet. However, please keep in mind that it takes our body about 4 months to replace the unhealthy tissue. CPH+ is a food product that works to increase your body’s collagen levels.

When taken Sharrets fish collagen supplement -CPH+ regularly over a sustained period of time, 83% of users agreed that their hair, skin, and nails thrived and appeared younger and healthier after about 4 months. Slight results may show in the nails within 2-3 weeks, and some report serious improvement after 2 months. The majority of the users, though, notice results around 4-6 months of regular use.

collagen peptide for natural beauty

What type of collagen is the best for beauty purposes?
For your skin and beauty, the best type of collagen supplement is the low molecular weight, type I fish collagen peptide. This exact type of collagen is found in CPH+! Studies have shown that, when type 1 collagen levels are raised in the body, hair, skin, and nails display amazing anti-aging benefits.

How long will the results last?
As long as you’re taking the supplement regularly the results won’t fade away. CPH+ raises the collagen level in your body, so, make sure you use it daily to reverse the decline.

collagen peptide for athelted performance

Do collagen peptides support domains other than beauty?
Definitely! Collagen peptides, such as CPH+, are known not only for their benefit in beauty and skin care but also in joint and bone health, as shown by various preclinical models. Therefore, CPH+ is the solution for the problems in the myosceletal system and the imperfections on your skin, hair, and nails.

What is the recommended dosage of CPH+?
We recommend you to take 12g of CPH+ daily. However, people with more advanced skin issues notice better results with a daily dose of 15g. In any case, please consult the product description to find the perfect dose for you according to your age.

Is CPH+ in liquid form?
No. CPH+ comes only in powder form that can be mixed with either water or your favorite juice.

How does the Hyaluronic acid work in my body?
Studies have shown that the hyaluronic acid improves the moisture content of the skin. As a result, your skin will look smoother and will retain its youthfulness.Vitamin C is also a co-factor which supports the production of collagen in the body. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you ingest a serious amount of Vitamin C to boost the collagen synthesis. If you don’t know the best way to take Vitamin C from your meals, there is no need to worry. Both hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C are included in our CPH+ powder.

What does CPH+ taste like?
Our product is orange flavored, which makes it really pleasant to consume.
I am a diabetic. Can I still use CPH+?
Sure! CPH+ does not contain sugar or cholesterol, which makes it perfect for diabetics and people that have high cholesterol.

Does it really work?
The short answer is yes. Studies have shown the following benefits of fish collagen powder:

1. It supports skin, joint, and connective tissue health

2. It improves the hair and nail follicles

3. It improves mobility in various conditions, such as arthritis and joint pain

4. It reduces the signs of aging by maintaining the skin’s elasticity.

5. It minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

6. It preserves, builds and replenishes lean muscle mass.

7. It provides revitalization after the workout

8. It appears to have antioxidant protection

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