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Say No to Heart Blockages with this powerful natural mixture of Apple cider vinegar,Garlic,Ginger & Lemon.

When your coronary arteries narrow, they fail to supply the heart with enough oxygen-rich blood. At first, this may result in chest pain and shortness of breath. However, when fatty substances continue to build up, a total blockage may cause a heart attack.

Some top doctors have revealed that the combination of garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar and honey is a wonderful drug that can cure everything from Cancer to Arthritis, and makes you lose extra body fat and weight.

Amazing studies from respected universities around the world prove the miracle home remedy that costs just pennies a day to make, a super way to fight just about any affliction. Experts have verified that this health restoring trick of garlic, ginger, lemon juice, vinegar & honey can wipe both our common & not so common ailments.

Success also includes acne, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, some types of cancer, excessive cholesterol levels, gas and indigestion, headaches, heart and circulatory problems, hemorrhoids, infertility and impotence, toothaches, obesity, ulcers, and many other diseases and conditions.

In a study of arthritis Dr. Angus Peter of the University of Edinburgh’s Arthritic Research institute found a daily dose of vinegar and honey reduced pain by 90%.

A daily dose of garlic and vinegar has proved to be a powerful and fast weight destroyer and reducer, according to Dr.Raymond Fisk of London’s Lamsus University Research Center. The prestigious British Medical Journal Lancer reported that cholesterol levels plunged on average from 237.4 to 223.4 in three hours after volunteers consumed 60 grams of garlic and four ounces of butter. The study proved adding garlic to your diet could neutralize the dangers associated with high fat.

A study of 261 adult patients by the German association of general practitioners indicated that cholesterol and triglycerides levels factors associated with the risk of heart disease are significantly reduced by regular use of garlic in the diet.

Houston’s M.D. Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston, the Pennsylvania State University and ULSA, support earlier evidence that certain ingredients in garlic block agents that cause cancers of the breast, colon, skin and esophagus. The National Cancer Institute found in a study of 1600 people that eating a lot of garlic is linked to a reduced risk of stomach cancer. Dr. Erik Block of the State University of New York at Albany has discovered that garlic release at least 100 sulfur producing compounds all of which are powerful medicines.


There appears to be little doubt that this astonishing potion made by mixing garlic, ginger, lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and honey can extend life by protecting you from many proven killers. Dr. Han Len Tsao writes in China’s respected Journal of Natural Medicine, that “patients when given this miracle drink before breakfast showed a remarkable reduction in high blood pressure and cholesterol in less than a week. The Italian nutritionist Emilio Stefan adds, “Years of scientific investigation by experts around the world have proven beyond doubt that garlic, honey and vinegar are nature’s magic potion. The powerful ingredients are available everywhere and cost only pennies a day when consumed. Considering all what these natural substances can do for the human health is amazing.

Dr. Jack Soltanoff, who is a national expert at New York, praises the benefits of apple cider vinegar. He recorded remarkable success stories involving arthritis sufferers. He says, “I have seen many arthritis patients start to loosen up at once”

Some even call it (apple cider vinegar) a natural arthritis tonic that frees them from stillness pain and aches within just a few weeks, and most pain wrecked patients can pertain normal activities because of this simple tonic. The boxing legend Muhammad Ali took a daily dose of this potion to fight the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease and many other athletes are heard to be taking it for having a competitive edge.

“Honey has been described as the perfect food” notes a respected researcher, “it contains a lot of nutrients and minerals, the important part of nine vitamins, six acids and four key enzymes in their most natural state. The patients who took the daily dose of this magical drink were more vigorous, had fewer infectious disease and in general even healthier than those who didn’t. “There’s no question that this astonishing elixir can lend life by replacing from many proven killers.”


Honey not only makes your daily dose taste better, the sweet stuff also aids in your body’s ability to absorb in medicinal properties of the powerful ingredients. Garlic provides a storehouse of vitamins and minerals and what excites researchers more, is growing evidence that from an enzyme present in large amounts in garlic stimulates the immune system. In a recent study involving two thousand elder women, researchers found that those who ate garlic once in a week were half as likely to develop colon cancer as those who did not.

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Top Myth of Dietary Supplements

dietary supplementsHealth is Wealth. So, keeping our bodies in a maintained state is all important in this hectic working life and this can only be maintained well with the help of nutrients and dietary supplements foods. Dietary Supplements are nutrients and chemicals essential for the human bodies which have biological benefits and good effects. These are necessary to intake in order to keep a balanced and healthy body. Supplements include vitamins, minerals, fiber, fatty acids, amino acids, carbohydrates, proteins and much more among total substances. According to the US authorities, dietary supplements are foods whereas many other authorities define supplements as drugs as well as other products.

Generally, there are more than 50,000 dietary supplements available in the food stuff. About 53%-55% of the adult US population intake dietary supplements on a daily basis such as multivitamins. But according to the US National Institutes of Health, the over intake of such products are extremely dangerous. This can affect your health at a greater level whereas under consumption of the nutrients or dietary supplement can be dangerous and allow the body to cause plenty diseases. According to the US. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), dietary supplements are a person’s proper diet not a replacement as a light meal. Dietary Supplement includes vitamins, metabolite, herbalism, amino acid, ingredients and extracts combination of several useful nutrients.

There are several myths built related to Dietary Supplements. Some of them are as follows:

  1. All “Multivitamins” are same: There is no specific definition of Multivitamin. Producers apply the term to any product that has more than one nutrient.
  2. Ingredients and Actual Product: There are plenty ingredients noted on the label or pack of the product but in actual, there aren’t many.
  3. Calcium has the same identity: Calcium has a unique taste and no other nutrients in the food can replace calcium or its taste.
  4. Every nutrient has its individual benefit and identity. Eg Zinc helps in improving immunity.
  5. “Studies show” is a universally accepted truth worldwide. This means studies show two words are enough to make a person believe in the product and its manufacturing process.

Today, many people suffer from the term “Obesity”. Obesity is the state of being extremely fat or overweight in common words. Obesity happens due to consumption of many calories, leading a passive life, not enough sleeping, Endocrine disruptors, Medical reasons, lower rates of smoking and much more. Obesity is dangerous for the human body because it increases the chances for Diabetes, Heart Attack and diseases related to Cardiac. Obesity is excess fatty acids in the body that have solely negative impacts on the health. Body Mass Index (BMI) is 30 or more are considered the overweight or obese person. So, it is highly recommended by the Doctors to reduce the excess level of fatty acids and fats from the body via varying methods. One of them is weight loss supplements.


MCT Oil May Help With Weight Loss in Several Ways

There are several ways that MCTs may help with weight loss, including:

  • Lower Energy Density: MCTs provide around 10% fewer calories than LCTs, or 8.4 calories per gram for MCTs versus 9.2 calories per gram for LCTs (10) .
  • Increase Fullness: One study found that compared to LCTs, MCTs resulted in greater increases in peptide YY and  leptin , two hormones that help reduce appetite and increase feelings of fullness .
  • Fat Storage: Given that MCTs are absorbed and used more rapidly than LCTs, they are less likely to be stored as body fat .
  • Burn Calories: Studies in animals and humans show that MCTs (mainly C8 and C10) may increase the body’s ability to burn fat and calories .
  • Greater Fat Loss: One study found that an MCT-rich diet caused greater fat burning and fat loss than a diet higher in LCTs. However, these effects may disappear after 2–3 weeks once the body has adapted .
  • Low-carb Diets: Very low-carb or ketogenic diets are a effective ways to lose weight. Given that MCTs produce ketones, adding them to your diet can increase the number of carbs you can eat while staying in ketosis .

Bottom Line: MCTs may aid in weight loss through reduced calorie intake, increased fullness, less fat storage, improved calorie burning and increased ketones on low-carb diets.

Do MCTs Actually Cause Weight Loss?

Weight Scale

While many studies have found positive effects of MCTs on weight loss, other studies have found no effects.

In a review of 14 studies, 7 evaluated fullness, 8 measured weight loss and 6 assessed calorie-burning.

Only one study found increases in fullness, while 6 studies found reductions in weight and 4 found increased calorie burning

In another review of 12 animal studies, 7 reported a decrease in weight gain and 5 found no differences. In terms of food intake, 4 detected a decrease, 1 detected an increase and 7 found no differences .

In addition, the amount of weight loss caused by MCTs is actually very modest.

A review of 13 studies found that on average the amount of weight lost on a diet high in MCTs was only 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg) over 3 weeks or more when compared to a diet high in LCTs .

Another study found that a diet rich in medium-chain triglycerides resulted in a 2-lb (0.9-kg) greater weight loss than a diet rich in LCTs over a 12 week period .

Further high-quality studies are needed to determine how effective MCTs are for weight loss and what amounts need to be taken to experience benefits.

Bottom Line: A diet high in medium-chain triglycerides may help with weight loss, although the effect is generally quite modest.

Evidence for MCTs Enhancing Exercise Performance is Weak

MCTs are thought to increase energy levels during high-intensity exercise and serve as an alternative energy source, sparing glycogen stores.

This may positively affect endurance and have benefits for athletes on low carb diets

One animal study found that mice fed a diet rich in medium-chain triglycerides did much better in swimming tests than mice fed a diet rich in LCTs

Additionally, consuming food containing MCTs instead of LCTs for 2 weeks resulted in longer duration of high-intensity exercise among recreational athletes

Although the evidence seems positive, there are not enough studies available to confirm this benefit, and the overall link is weak

Bottom Line: The link between MCTs and improved exercise performance is weak and more studies are needed to confirm these claims.

Other Potential Health Benefits of MCT oil

A Jar of Coconut Oil and a Teaspoon

The use of medium-chain triglycerides and MCT oil has been associated with several other health benefits.


MCTs have been linked to lower cholesterol levels in both animal and human studies.

For example, calves consuming MCT-rich milk had lower cholesterol than calves fed LCT-rich milk

Several studies in rats have linked coconut oil to improved cholesterol levels and higher antioxidant vitamin levels

A study in 40 women found that consuming coconut oil along with a low-calorie diet reduced LDL cholesterol and increased HDL cholesterol, compared to women consuming soybean oil

Improvements in cholesterol and antioxidant levels may lead to a reduced risk of heart disease over the long term.

However, it is important to note that some older studies report that MCT supplements had no effects or even negative effects on cholesterol

One study in 14 healthy men reported that MCT supplements negatively affected cholesterol, increasing total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol .

Bottom Line: Diets high in MCT-rich foods like coconut oil may have benefits for cholesterol levels. However, the evidence is mixed.


MCTs may also help lower blood sugar levels. In one study, diets rich in MCTs increased insulin sensitivity in adults with type 2 diabetes

Another study in 40 overweight individuals with type 2 diabetes found that supplementing with MCTs improved diabetes risk factors. It reduced body weight, waist circumference and insulin resistance .

However, evidence for the use of medium-chain triglycerides in diabetes is limited. More research is needed to determine its full effects.

Bottom Line: MCTs may help lower blood sugar levels by reducing insulin resistance. However, more research is needed to confirm this benefit.

Brain Function

MCTs produce ketones, which act as an alternative energy source for the brain and can therefore improve brain function.

Recently there has been more interest in the use of MCTs to treat or prevent brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia .

One major study found that MCTs improved learning, memory and brain processing in people with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s disease. However, this was only effective in people containing a particular gene, the APOE4 gene .

Overall, the evidence is limited to short studies with small sample sizes, so more research is needed.

Bottom Line: MCTs may improve brain function in people with Alzheimer’s disease who have a particular genetic make-up. More research is needed.

Other Medical Conditions

Because MCTs are an easily absorbed and digested energy source, they’ve been used for years to treat malnutrition and disorders that hinder nutrient absorption.

Conditions that benefit from medium-chain triglyceride supplements include diarrhea, steatorrhea (fat indigestion) and liver disease. Patients undergoing bowel or stomach surgery may also benefit.

Evidence also supports the use of MCTs in ketogenic diets treating epilepsy

The use of MCTs allows children suffering from seizures to eat larger portions and tolerate more  calories and carbs than on classic ketogenic diets

Bottom Line: MCTs are effective at treating a number of clinical conditions including malnutrition, malabsorption disorders and epilepsy.

Dosage, Safety and Side Effects

Oil on a Spoon

MCT oil appears to be safe for most people.

It is not clear what dose is needed to obtain potential health benefits, but many supplement labels suggest 1–3 tablespoons daily.

There are currently no reported adverse interactions with medications or other serious side effects.

However, some minor side effects have been reported and include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and an upset stomach.

These can be avoided by starting with small doses, such as 1 teaspoon, and increasing intake slowly. Once tolerated, MCT oil can be taken by the tablespoon.

Type 1 Diabetes and MCTs

Some sources discourage people with type 1 diabetes from taking medium-chain triglycerides due to the accompanying production of ketones.

It is thought that high levels of ketones in the blood may increase the risk of ketoacidosis, a very serious condition that can occur in type 1 diabetics.

However, the nutritional ketosis caused by a low-carb diet is completely different than diabetic ketoacidosis, a very serious condition caused by a lack of insulin.

In people with well-controlled diabetes and healthy blood sugar levels , the amount of ketones remain within a safe range even during ketosis.

There are limited studies available that explore the use of MCTs in type 1 diabetes. However, some have been conducted with no harmful effects .

Phenomenal Ways of Reducing Weight through Natural Supplement

We all desire to have a flat stomach desperately which could provide us perfect figure and shape. That is why they increase the number of natural weight loss supplements are coming in market that are promising quick results without any side effects. Some people also eat natural pills for weight loss but it increases the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. These pills claim to reduce your weight fast and naturally, but it is important for you to understand that there is no such pill that will melt away the pounds in a small period of time.


There are several natural ingredients used in natural weight loss supplements which easily reduces your weight but you must understand it how.


  • Natural Weight loss extracted from Green Tea extract are used by many companies and manufacturers. These herbal supplements help to speed up your metabolism and burn calories and fat one of the powerful supplement to kick-start slow metabolism. According to research, green tea can increase burning of calories therefore there so many commendable products of it in the market.



  • Glucomannan (extracted from the Konjac plant) is considered to be effective weight loss supplement which easily burns your fat. It is yet another ingredient that slows the rate of absorption of carbohydrates and provides shaped body. It also works in controlling the unwanted diet or act as an appetite suppressant.


  • l-arabinose and chromium are another two natural ingredients in the supplement that also control blood sugar reducing sugar enzyme action and removing glucose from the blood. Yet it shifts the cells where it is transformed into energy in the body.


  • More natural supplements that help lose weight are white bean extract exponentially used by many people worldwide. They help in managing diabetes and reducing weight.


Apple Cider Vinegar also helps in reducing weight and a natural supplement in form of juice and an energy booster.

Apart from these ways of losing weight Sharrets Nutrition LLP Provides Various Natural Supplements Like MCT Powder, Isolated Soy Protein, Sharrets Lean Capsules, Sharrets Gymnema etc. are supplements helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle while losing weight that can ensure your desired dreams.

Natural Supplement – Most Effective way to reduce weight

A natural supplement natural weight loss helps to reduces weight that result in body shape and fit body. A good alternative for all those people who want to remain away from chemical-based, harmful weight loss supplements that could further damage heart valves, increase blood sugar of can form any other irregularity in body must look for natural supplements instead of artificial fake supplements. Therefore all natural weight loss supplements are safer and good alternative for losing up a body weight. It is also important to analyze and research effectively and be positive towards losing weight if you want the natural supplement to work fast you must have to be punctual and patience because they take sometimes to reduce fat.

Natural supplements are herbal and magical but with the time period only they work. You cannot eat all at once to lose weight. Balanced diet, exercises, natural supplement, less stress and enjoyment all together can only reduce your weight. Green tea, Apple cyder Vineger, Chea seeds, Coriander juice and many more natural sources also prove to be beneficiary. You just have to avoid artificial program of reducing weight.

Selling natural supplements to lose those extra pounds is a big business in the U.S, Americans, Canada and many more developed countries. The people from such countries spend billions of dollars on such remedies. Even today Hollywood celebrities promote all natural weight loss supplements and programs that are totally inefficient and fake. Therefore one must stick to natural resources which will reduce weight without any side effect. One important key aspect of herbal weight loss supplement is that the FDA department that is responsible for drug safety. Every consumer must need to be extra careful before choosing or buying any weight loss supplement as the claims made by the manufacturer can be false Even they are made to cheat you for their false selling. Love your body and regularly do exercises.

Sharrets Nutrition LLP the leading suppliers of natural protein supplements, weigh loss supplements, skin & beauty and varied organic and natural supplements for healthy well-being.